Pet Blessing Charm
Pet Blessing Charm Pet Blessing Charm Pet Blessing Charm
Ox Charm (2008)
Ox Charm Ox Charm Ox Charm
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Animal Shui - Blessing Charm

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Don't forget — your pet needs good shui too.
Clip this charm on your pet's collar to improve their health and well being.
Plus, they'll be the hippest pet in town.
This charm is made with handpicked semiprecious gemstones that balance the chi of the body.
The bonus is the charm features a silver Ox in the center, which is most auspicious for 2008 — the Year of the Rat.
It is said when the Ox and Rat come together, the joy of the encounter will bring blessings, attract wealth and avert any disaster.
Therefore, Master Lin Yun recommends wearing the Ox throughout the year.
Each charm is suspended from a convenient silver lobster clasp that can be easily attached to any collar or leash.
As always according to Atma Jewels tradition, each charm is handmade to order – they are always created for YOU and never get stale sitting on a shelf in a warehouse.

$63 Blessing Charm
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