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Deborah Kagan, an international Feng Shui consultant and teacher, loves beauty and style. She admittedly gets distracted by anything that sparkles, hence her attraction to crystals in all forms.

Deborah is the founder of Sacred Interiors, a prominent Feng Shui consulting business based out of Los Angeles, CA. Faceted crystals (aka Feng Shui crystals) are a common remedy utilized in Feng Shui. Knowing this, Deborah has recommended them to hundreds of clients. But, each time she saw the crystals in an environment, she felt like there was something missing. With her inimitable ability to blend techniques Deborah knew there was a way to make a Feng Shui crystal more beautiful, even more powerful. This thought consumed her mind and one day she woke up with a vision – Feng Shui crystals suspended from semiprecious gemstones. Atma Jewels was born.

Deborah’s love, deep knowledge and admiration for gemstones were a perfect fit for the traditional Feng Shui crystal. She deliberately chose each gemstone for their specific color and healing properties. Then, she formulated the unique and powerful pattern for each of the ten styles of the Atma Jewels collection. Each piece is made with the intention and commitment to bring pure love and healing energy to all those who use them. Every jewel is made utilizing sacred Feng Shui principles and once complete, they are blessed and infused with all the qualities for their specific areas of healing.

Just as it is with Deborah’s consulting, it is also her intention with Atma Jewels to empower people to be the brightest and best they can be. She is dedicated to "Healing the Planet – One Space at a Time."

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