Sunlight dancing on the ocean, the twinkle in a lover's eye, starlight in a clear night sky... all this and so much more is elegantly encompassed for you in perfect arrangements of crystals and gemstones for every area of your existence. These handcrafted tools are made for the enhancement of your life. While each unique arrangement is extraordinarily beautiful, the true significance of Atma Jewels is their energetic power. Based on the potent wisdom of Feng Shui and ancient sacred healing arts, organically arranged natural gemstones amplify the power of every crystal. Each one is created with the highest quality crystals and handpicked semi-precious gemstones. With the added blessings that we place in each piece, every Atma Jewel provides an intense alchemy that radiates to the highest possible vibration for your environment.

Suggested ways to use:
As a Feng Shui remedy in any area of your home, office or business
As a design enhancement
As a daily support to carry with you
As a protection while you are traveling
As a gift for weddings, anniversaries, new baby, birthdays... any celebration
As a pendulum

Choose one or multiple jewels based on the life area, color, element, or quality that you wish to empower.

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